Township Meeting Minutes – April 2018




April 2, 2018 7 p.m.


Board Members Present: Becky Eckelman, Carrie Allord, Jim Guida, Brion Fornshell, and Cassey Veith
Attendees: Amy Christensen, Jody Lodermeier, Dave Keehr, and Robert Morgan

Board elected not to do the Pledge of Allegiance due to meeting being moved to the St. Mathias Bar and Grill.

The March minutes were table due to wrong roads listed and grammar.

Carrie motioned and Becky seconded to approve the Board of Audits minutes. All were in favor, and motion carried.  

Treasure’s report as of March 31, 2018, there was $182,957.05 in the bank, including the CD’s. Carrie motioned to pay bills, Jim seconded. All were in favor, and the motion carried. Orders issued numbering 5318 through 5322 were unanimously approved and paid with exception of Crow County Land Service bill for clarification.

New Business

Jim motioned and Becky seconded to reimburse to Neil Sather for $100 for the Town Hall Sign.

Becky motioned and Carrie seconded the approval of St. Mathias Bar and Grill liquor license.

Road Review moved to May General Meeting.

Jim will attend the Anderson Brothers Training on April 17, 2018

Brion did a name change request to Apple Maps and Google Maps for Corner Trail Road.

Becky Training recap; Recommend looking at the bank statement quarterly and being part of the MATT retention program. Also, it was mentioned to add a MATT website link to our township website

Jim training recap; Reminder that we do have legal resources with MATT. Good point to keep in mind the health/wellness of traveling on Township roads when making decisions.

Carrie motioned and Jim second to adjourn meeting at 7:30p,




Chairman Clerk


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