Township Meeting Minutes – Board of Appeals of Equalization


board of appeals of Equalization


April 25, 2018 1 p.m.


Board Members Present: Becky Eckelman, Carrie Allord, and Cassey Veith
County Wing Panel Sam Bedard, Cari Westphal, and Dana Keil
Attendees: Mike and Crystal DeRosier


Meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance was dispensed.

Sam went over the ligations of the meeting and St. Mathias Township EMV.

Mike and Crystal DeRosier for explanation for property classification. Also gave a current status of the property for clarification including road and fence lines that can not be seen with GIS mapping. Panel for Crow Wing County recommend changing the DeRosier parcels from Residential Homestead to Agricultural/Agricultural Homestead Unproductive Contingence. Carrie Motioned to change the parcels and Becky Seconded.

Henry Koering spoke with Crow Wing County via-phone on value of his property. Crow Wing Panel recommend the value be decreased. Becky motioned and Carrie seconded.

Carrie Allord requested an appeal of property classification. Becky motioned for no change and Carrie seconded.

Carrie motioned and Becky Second to adjourn. Meeting ended at 2:25pm.


Chairman Clerk


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