Township Meeting Minutes – March 2018




March 19, 2018 7 p.m.


Board Members Present: Carrie Allord, Jim Guida, Brion Fornshell, and Cassey Veith
Attendees: Dave Keehr

Board elected not to do the Pledge of Allegiance due to another group occupying the St. Mathias Park Recreation center during the meeting.

The February minutes were unanimously approved as received by the supervisors via e-mail, Jim motioned and Carrie seconded. All were in favor, and the motion carried.

Treasure’s report as of February 28, 2018, there was $188,760.82 in the bank, including the CD’s. Carrie motioned to pay bills, Jim seconded. All were in favor, and the motion carried. Orders issued numbering 5308 through 5317 were unanimously approved and paid.

A call was received of flooding on Trail Corner Road. 9 am this morning the culvert was stemmed to help increase the water flow. Resident, Brion, will keep the board posted on conditions to flag area, if needed.

Received a request to have Crow Wing County snow plow our Township portion of 50th. Perlinger Road will need to be included in the discussion. Board will contact the County to find a solution.

Ron Malinowski has concerns of Trail Corner Road not showing up on google and apple maps. Supervisor, Jim, called the Sheriff’s office during the meeting to verify that during an emergency the Sheriff office shows Corner Trail Road.

Brion recap experience with CenturyLink hook up; you need to call and be stern with requesting to hook up to the new pedestal.

Old Business

Residence on 20th , hill side. Traffic traveling west to east has low visibility will be added to the road review this spring.

New Business

Supervisor, Becky, term is up this November and she will not run again.

Becky motioned to adjourned and Jim second, meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.


Chairman Clerk


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