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Township Meeting Minutes – June 2016


June 6, 2016, 7 p.m.




The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance.  All board members were present. Also attending were Timothy Bray from the county engineer’s office, Timothy Cox from the fire department, Dave Keehr, and Jody Lodermeier.

There was discussion concerning maintenance of the road to the cemetery to clarify last month’s minutes.  Minimum maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance.  The road got really bad this spring and needs some work. No decision had been made on the maintenance work.

The treasurer’s report was given.  There is a total of $310,020.04 in the bank, savings and certificates.  This is total of all the levied funds.

Becky motioned to pay bills.  Carrie seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.

Timothy Bray spoke on the county’s 5-year plan.  Supervisors discussed road projects.  County Road 122 is scheduled to be worked on in July.  The board members told him about the concern about water flow affecting a private access road south of the new bridge on county road 122..

In other discussion, Timothy noted that the county gravel plan is every 5 years.  He also said there will be a survey on road maintenance in Crow Wing County.  They are trying to speed up the time it takes to respond to phone calls and e-mail.

Jim asked about a new bridge on Koering Road and the response was that it was a matter of priority.

The board thanked him for the help it has received from county offices that was needed for township needs.

There was discussion concerning the park trail grant.  Carrie motioned to have all the park bills submitted by Robert Morgan by June 20 and to authorize payment of the bills prior to the July meeting to meet the grant deadline of June 30.  Becky seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved.

The representative from the Fire Department, Timothy Cox, attended the meeting to discuss fire protection issues.  They are looking at concerns for funding some expenses of the department.  Some townships have been letting go of their contracts with Brainerd.  He said that when they leave they should be looking at how well trained the other departments are.  The fire department wants to keep as many of the townships as possible and are working at better rapport with the current members.  He was asked about response time.  Timothy said that is as good or better as they now leave with a full truck.

There was discussion about 50th Avenue.  The consensus was to pause and review the bids.  It looks like the actual work will be in spring 2017.  Need more time to evaluate what needs to be done and it looks like finding a contractor this year may be hard as they are all very busy.  Brion is checking on grants.  Because of the road situation, there may have to be some discussion with Crow Wing Township.  They don’t want to disturb their road.  But in order to do St. Mathias’ portion of the road right, there may be some digging that would affect them.

Becky suggested the board sit down with the firms that have given bids thus far and find out exactly what they are planning and advise them as to what the township wants and thinks should be done.  The main question is “what needs to be done to hold that swamp”.

A suggestion for this year would be that the board would get a reclaimer machine to take off three inches and then add 3 inches to the surface.

Becky motioned to meet with the engineers on the 50th Avenue road project.  Carrie seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.  Jim will make the arrangements.

One bid was received for rent of the township property.  The bid was from Andy and Kris Schubert at $35 per acre.  Jim motioned to accept the bid which includes 8 acres and a 5-year lease with insurance information verified and put on file.  Becky seconded.

The primary and general elections are coming up and Mary noted that there is a shortage of judges this year.  She is looking for some new people.

Board members examined correspondence.

Jim said he has some road work to finish and will get it done this month.  Dave said he will be cutting ditches by the next meeting.  Becky brought up 10th Street and Dave said he would do one lane for minimum maintenance.


Carrie motioned to adjourn.  Becky seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.  Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.









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