Township Meeting Notes – July 2016


July 5, 2016, 7 p.m.




The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance.  All board members were present. Also attending were Charles Schultz, Tom Fleischhacker, Robert Morgan, Dave Keehr, and Jody Lodermeier.

The minutes were unanimously approved as submitted by e-mail to the board members.  Becky motioned and Carrie seconded.

The treasurer’s report was given.  There is a total of $344,562.32 in the bank, savings and certificates.  This is total of all the levied funds.

Becky motioned to pay bills.  Carrie seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.  Orders issued numbering 5155 through 5163 were approved and paid.  Also three grant bills paid June 30 were verified with no more payments due for the grant.

Jim recognized Robert for the work he did on the grant trail and the timely submission of the paperwork to meet the grant deadline.

Supervisors discussed their information sessions with three engineering firms in regard to work needed on 50th Avenue.  The discussions with these firms were concerned with cost and work that would need to be done to repair the road.  The board reviewed the information obtained from the firms and discussed which firm would be a good match for the work needed to be done.

All the firms generally agreed that preliminary work could be done this year with paving being done next year.  The board also discussed options with Dave.  Dave suggested checking on the work being done on Crow Wing County 9 which is a similar situation to 50th Avenue.  It was determined that there was a need to discuss this road project with Crow Wing Township and find out what they did on their portion of the road.

Before making their decision, Jim motioned to request to be placed on the agenda with Crow Wing Township for their July 26 meeting.  Carrie seconded.  Mary will do this.

Other points of discussion concerning 50th Avenue were a need to talk to the landowners alongside this road and also talk to potential road construction companies to find out what their opinions concerning the road work that needs to be done.  The decision of choosing an engineer firm will be tabled until the next meeting.

Jim motioned to check with three construction companies, Tri-City, Knife River, and Anderson Brothers concerning the repairs for 50th Avenue.  Becky seconded.

There was discussion concerning the St. Mathias Township website.  There needs to be improvements.  The revised comprehensive plan has yet to be put on the site.  Other updates are needed.  Brion said he would be willing to work with it.  Carrie will talk to Joan Koering.  Brion said he will need the passwords.  Joan also has some township books.  Carrie will ask her for them.

Mary presented a list of election judges for approval from the board for the primary and general elections.  Jim motioned to accept and Carrie seconded.  Becky abstained as she was on the list.  Motion carried and passed.

Supervisors examined correspondence.  There was information from Colleen LeBlanc about the progress of high speed internet and people to contact.  Becky will make contact with people involved and let them know about our support.

Carrie motioned to adjourn.  Becky seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.








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